Chitose's Omakase Box
Chitose's Omakase Box
Chitose's Omakase Box
Chitose's Omakase Box
Chitose's Omakase Box
Chitose's Omakase Box

Chitose's Omakase Box


Enjoy fresh and beautiful hand-picked fruits and vegetables air-flown direct from artisanal farms in Japan. Just as Japanese restaurants offer exquisite Omakase (which means “Leave it to the Chef” and is a menu created to highlight the season’s best ingredients), our Omakase Box celebrates Japan’s seasons with the very best selection of fruits and vegetables that meets with the highest standards set by the JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard).

Delivery Menu for 18th August 2017, Friday

Produce Origin
Figs Chiba
Melon Hokkaido
Corn Yamanashi
Carrot Chiba
Burdock Kagoshima
Green Pak Choy Ibaraki


FRESHNESS: Packed and delivered with personal care 

You can’t find a fresher box than this. Our cutting-edge packing and delivery process is designed to deliver the ultimate freshness and tastes of the fruits and vegetables from the farm to your doorstep. Inhale the freshness of the land and savour the sweetness of the season – you will be amazed with the flavours. 

SURPRISE: A box full of treats every week 

Look forward to receiving a fresh box of nature’s best every week. A carefully selected crop of CHITOSE fruits and vegetables will be delivered to your doorstep to nurture your palette’s appreciation of nature’s original tastes. Serve one on its own, toss a few into a salad or pair them with a good cut of meat. Regardless of how they are presented, every item is an eye-opening surprise. 

JOY: It’s so good, you can’t wait to share your discovery 

Discover the joys of eating well. Every bite from CHITOSE is a gem for your palate, a jewel for your mind and a treasure for your soul. It’s so rich in taste and flavour that it begs to be boasted to your circle of friends and loved ones. Each week brings a new discovery, a new joy, a new conversation. We hope you will also propagate the importance of sustainable agriculture so future generations may also experience the joy of quality foods yielded from the earth’s own valuable resources. 

SERVICE: Your CHITOSE concierge for quality fruits and vegetables 

Besides making delivery arrangements, our CHITOSE concierge is available (Monday - Friday 10am to 6pm ) to attend to your requests and enquiries. Regardless of the nature of enquiry, be it regarding your delivery or the crops, we will do our best to address them. 

What will you receive at your doorstep? 

Be delightfully surprised every week with a box containing up to 9 varieties of the highest quality fruits and vegetables. We promise you the best from each harvest delivered to your doorstep each week. In the box, you will also receive a newsletter containing information about crops from our artisan farmers, the evolving food culture and scientific breakthroughs in sustainable agriculture. It also has recipes and serving suggestions to help you make the most of your omakase box of goodness. 

It is not just a box of superior harvest. It is a box of sensational experience, healthier options and an optimistic future.