Chitose Fairy - (Sold Out!)
Chitose Fairy - (Sold Out!)
Chitose Fairy - (Sold Out!)
Chitose Fairy - (Sold Out!)

Chitose Fairy - (Sold Out!)

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Produce Profile

The Chitose Fairy is an extremely hard to cultivate breed and there are only a handful of artisan farmers in Japan who knows how to truly grow them. Special techniques (using paddy fields) are employed during the cultivation period and it is a well guarded secret by the farmers. Due to its exclusivity, it is not easy to get your hands on these corns even in Japan. Be prepared to be enchanted by its fruit-like taste!

Brix Level (Sweetness) 18
Origin Shizuoka, Japan
Weight approx 400g per corn
Color Mixture of white and yellow 

Farmer's Biography

At a young age of 27, Mr. Ichikawa succeeded the farming operations from his father operating a 28 hectare farm. He started his farming career when he was only 19 years old; fresh out of high school. Aspiring to reach even greater heights, he developed his own farming style while staying true to his father’s philosophy of sustainable agriculture.


Available only from 1 July to 19 July 2016!