Due to the demand of the consumers, agriculture in today's world is being homogenised like mass production industries, with many of today's agricultural producers choosing to discard food culture in order to maximise economic benefits for their businesses. As a result, only the large scale and destructive agricultural businesses which ignore the environment receive economic profits, while those amazing and ethical farmers who are dedicated to preserving the environment are caught in an endless cycle of economic distress.

In order to put a stop to this vicious cycle, we have gathered a team of food culture and agriculture experts.


Key Management


Tomohiro Fujita

Founder of Chitose Group

Mr. Tomohiro Fujita joined Chitose Laboratory Corp. in 2004, and has been serving as Chief Executive Officer since 2008, bringing to the company practical wisdom and experience in management of biotechnology based company that he cultivated by providing management consulting services to the clients at Accenture Japan Ltd. Based on the perspective of "sustainable business & technology development for 1000 years", he established, develops, and manages 6 other biotechnology based companies as well as Chitose Laboratory Corp.


Kengo Fukui


Armed with rich experience from his previous life in an upscale venture capitalist firm, Kengo looks into developing key partnerships with focus on bio-technology and life sciences. Kengo is also highly skilled in designing  and coding, a true polymath who never hesitates to advise and support his team. 


Ryosuke Koike

Executive Manager

Ryosuke was the brainchild behind the now wildly popular Chitose Strawberries and he also heads up the business in Chitose's Malaysia market where he oversees the other Chitose's businesses such as waste water treatment program and disease control  for palm oil plantation


Singapore Team


Justin Lim
Business Development Manager

Justin is Chitose's Team go to person whenever there is an operational hiccup in our processes and answering very delicate customer's queries. During his free time, Justin likes to kick back and relax with games and a cold pint of beer.


Nickaila Hau
Accounting Executive

Nickaila is Chitose's resident mathematical whiz kid ensuring our accounts are organised and up to date.  When she's not busy with punching numbers into her favourite calculator, Nickaila spends her day perfecting the art of modern calligraphy. 


Nur-Ezan Mohamed
Scientific Specialist 

Ezan is currently part of the vibrant marketing and partnership department of CAI. She is passionate about the environment and is always eager to share the Chitose's philosophy and Mission behind their economically-feasible and environmentally-sustainable agriculture businesses. During her free time, she enjoys being in the outdoors amongst nature, volunteering at farms both locally and overseas to immerse herself in the world of sustainable agriculture.


Cameron HighLand Team


Kyosuke Kinoshita

Head Farmer

Prior to joining Chitose, Mr. Kinoshita uprooted himself from his homeland (Tokushima, Japan) and went on to live in a strawberry farm in the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia which he was told was unsuitable for strawberry farming and many farmers had tried without any success. Where the others had fallen, Mr. Kinoshita succeeded and managed to harvest strawberries which came as a pleasant surprise from the locals. Today, Mr. Kinoshita manages Chitose's very own strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands and with the help of the local workers, he has managed to cultivate and harvest one of the best in class strawberries 


Noriaki Kawai

Chief Technology Officer (Malaysia)

As the head honcho of the technology development department in Chitose’s Malaysia arm, one oftens find Noriaki deep in discussion with academias from various disciplines to better enhance Chitose’s capabilities to bring about bio solutions to the agriculture field that would benefit mankind for the next milllenia. In his free time, Noriyaki enjoys trail running on the windy hills of Cameron Highlands.


Yosuke Kataoka

Agriculture Expert

An ardent believer of sustainable agriculture, Yosuke is a true protector of mother earth. A wunderluster at heart, his travels has taken him to the far edges of the African continent in his relentless pursue of the perfect way where humans and environment is able to live in perfect cohesion. Currently, Yosuke is knee deep into research on fertilsers and pesticides and to find a perfect usage balance that will have minimum impact on our environment and yet be able to cultivate best in class strawberries.


Wong Foo Kin

Farm Supervisor

While new to the agriculture industry, Foo Kin has proven himself to be an essential member to the team. Foo kin leads and manages the day to day operation to ensure the freshest produce reaches our customers from our farm. In his free time, Foo Kin is often found with his friends at the theaters catching the latest blockbuster.