Chitose Rewards Program

Here in Chitose, we believe in rewarding our customers with more than just our artisanal produce. So sign up a FREE account with us and enjoy exclusive savings while you enjoy our delectable produce from the land of the rising sun.


Be rewarded with a 5% discount on our Omakase Box as you make your first step in showing your appreciation to the agricultural meisters of our land.

Qualifying criteria
Purchased more than 5 or more Omakase Box in one year. 


Handcrafted specially for you are not just the artisanal agricultural produce but also an exclusive 7% discount on our Omakase Box when you continue this journey with us as an Artisan Member

Qualifying criteria
Purchased more than 12 or more Omakase Box in one year.

Sennen (Millennium)

Receive the ultimate savings from us while we celebrate with you from embarking on this millennium-long journey for the better good of mankind. Be invited to farm tours and exclusive produce that are made only available to our Sennen Members.. 

Qualifying criteria
By invitation only.