I have been cooking professionally for 30 years and spend 30% of my time sourcing ingredients. Being a  vegetarian, I believe in organic produces as well as sustainable farming. When we started working with Chitose 2 years ago, we were amazed by the simplicity of their produce. We loved working together because we follow the same season ( when it is mushroom time in France, it is also mushroom time in Japan ) and because we work with producers and farmers, not sales representative. We work with people who understand the earth, respect the products, care about the environment …for all those reason, it has always been a pleasure working with Chitose.

Emmanuel Stroobant, Executive Chef, Saint Pierre  

Chitose's produce are amazingly fresh. The strawberries are juicy and the colour is ideal.

Keisuke Matsumoto, Executive Chef, Lewin Terrace

We're inspired by Chitose Agriculture's vision, marrying sustainable agriculture with Japanese technology in Southeast Asia to grow exceptional produce that is ethical, wholesome, and affordable. And the proof is in the tasting--Chitose's strawberries grown in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, are incomparable in flavour, aroma, and sweetness. We're huge fans!

Jun Chen and Whey Han, Owners, Nude Seafood 

Since coming to Singapore, I've tried to find the perfect strawberries which I can use for my pastries. Now, I have finally found them. These are the best strawberries. 

Tomoharu Morita, Executive Chef, Pantler

During  a recent menu collaboration between Chitose Agriculture Initiative (CAI) and Nude Seafood, dishes were presented that truly highlighted the high-quality, seasonal Asian produce on a plate - carefully and creatively cooked with much contemplation.

Mei Anne Foo, Writer, Billionaire Magazine 

The Chitose dinner was a great way to help understand better what the company could offer, in terms of the types of vegetables that were brought in from Japan, and how they worked with farmers and did their sourcing. It was amazing to see how the produce was used in the dishes, and not just have the vegetables on display. 

Tay Suan Chiang, Lifestyle Correspondent, The Business Times 

A meal is made even more special when you learn the produce comes from ethical and sustainable farms; Chitose Agriculture Initiative exports fresh produce from farms (and) ensures that from the moment they are picked, they arrive at your doorstep in no more than 48 hours. 48 HOURS GUYS!!! To me that is crazy freshness!!! 

Carla Dunareanu, Fly Entertainment Artiste/Actress/TV Presenter

I recently went for one of NUDE Seafood's Seasonal Menu set dinners (which used the Chitose produce) and course after course, I was wowed with the mastery of cooking each dish. In order to showcase the produce of Chitose, the chefs made sure to create a menu that would truly highlight the natural flavours of the produce, without any overwhelming sauces or elements in the dishes.

Yasmine, The Diva Eats Prata

Personally, I’m in awed of the vision and produce from Chitose. High in quality, wide in variety and growing ever so close to our shores, Japanese crops have never been this easy to obtain.

Rachelle Ng,